• A Festival of Ideas
  • May 2 - 5, 2024
  • Guelph

What Remains Collective

Dr. Adriana Alvarez, Iris Morales, Mabel Weber and Monica Lozano, four fronteriza (border) women unite and creatively merge their disciplines, visions, and purpose to incite positive social change by creating “What Remains”, a project that combines fine art, visual arts, design, education, research, and community engagement. These four women have a history of working together on various initiatives that include the direct support of migrant refugees at the US-Mexico border, documenting their stories of courage and resilience with compassion and solidarity, and honouring their hopes and dreams.

“What Remains” was born from a desire to rescue the untold stories of immigrant families speaking about their personal experience through the very objects that travelled with them or that represent their journey before, during and after crossing the many geographical, political, and invisible borders. The main piece of the exhibit, La Trenza (The Braid), is comprised of rescued objects in the border desert that hold unknown stories, braided with donated objects representing stories from families from immigrant backgrounds that have already crossed. The goal of this collaborative art installation is to immerse the audience and to invite reflections of connection and compassion that serve as a bridge that transcends and unites all types of borders. The project aims to keep growing by braiding and joining more communities around the world.