• A Festival of Ideas
  • January 26 - 29, 2023
  • Guelph

Simon(e) van Saarloos

Simon(e) van Saarloos is a writer and philosopher from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They published several books in Dutch including Ik deug / deug niet, De vrouw die, and Enz. Het Wildersproces. In her 2015 book Het monogame drama (English edition titled Playing Monogamy), Van Saarloos critiques monogamous living and false notions of safety, proposing a non-monogamous love life and thus a different take on ownership and property. His most recent book is titled Herdenken herdacht, (Take ‘Em Down). Van Saarloos curates collaborations between artists, activists, and scholars and regularly appears on stage as a lecturer, interviewer and performer.