• A Festival of Ideas
  • May 2 - 5, 2024
  • Guelph

Pick A Piper

There’s a difference between when something enters your periphery and when you can truly see it. Sight, the enveloping new album from Toronto electronic explorer Brad Weber, aka Pick A Piper, focuses on authentic connection. The Caribou collaborator’s follow-up to 2017’s acclaimed Distance is an immersive dream of delirious synth shudders, pulsing beats, eclectic instrumentation and diverse digital dimensions of sound that facilitate presence in listening: turning attention to the real life people and places we care for amidst often the isolating aspects of our daily lives. Written alone at home, beginning many tracks on his family piano, Sight brings influence from ambient music, ‘70s Brazilian folk, ‘80s Bollywood disco, modern cumbia and much, much more. Sight takes us beyond the trappings of technology, emphasizing earnest, analog essences amidst our hyper-curated modern media-feeds.