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  • May 2 - 5, 2024
  • Guelph

Emily Laurent Henderson

Currently based in Toronto, Ontario, Emily Laurent Henderson is a Kalaaleq (Greenlandic Inuk) and Settler writer, speaker, community organizer and consultant. A 2020 University of British Columbia graduate in Anthropology, Emily’s work and writing centres Inuit and Indigenous self-determination in the arts. She has appeared in titles such as the Inuit Art Quarterly, Azure, Studio Magazine, and more.

Growing up surrounded by the Inuit art world, Emily is a former staff writer for the Inuit Art Quarterly, and the co-editor behind the first issue of the Quarterly that featured all-Inuit contributors (IAQ 32.5). Currently, she works as the Associate Curator of Indigenous Art at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, and sits on advisories for SAW Gallery in Ottawa and the Toronto Arts Council.

Emily is also a community organizer as one of the founding members of the Indigenous food sovereignty grassroots organization, “Tkaronto Plant Life”, and a former board member with Toronto Inuit Association. She has provided consulting services for collections, public art, and community organizations.