• A Festival of Ideas
  • May 2 - 5, 2024
  • Guelph

Sound, Vibration, and Wellbeing: A Critical Look at Sound Healing Practices

Sunday, May 5, 2024; 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

A discussion of deep listening practices, vibration, wellbeing and cure through the resonance of sound from three different perspectives. Guests Anjeline de Dios (Manila, Philippines), Anne Bourne (Toronto, Ontario), and Rosary Spence (Toronto, Ontario) will discuss their practices in terms of how we define and create wellbeing, and how listening and sound offer connection to both human and nonhuman communities. The artists draw on their varied practices in deep listening, subtle perception, improvisation, chant, and Cree singing traditions.

The Art Gallery of Guelph is a physically accessible venue. This event will feature live transcription and ASL interpretation. For details on the festival’s accessibility, please visit our general accessibility page.


Art Gallery of Guelph, Gordon Street,
Guelph, ON.