• A Festival of Ideas
  • January 26 - 29, 2023
  • Guelph
  • Carbon 14: Climate is Culture Exhibition + Festival

    Originally published November 2013

    by Joy Roberts with David Buckland

    • 2013

    Since giving the Guelph Lecture—On Being Canadian in 2007, David Buckland of Cape Farewell in the UK has started the Cape Farewell Foundation in Canada. An artist himself (photographer, designer and filmmaker), with photos collected by the Metropolitan Museum in New Georges Pompidou in Paris and the National Portrait Gallery in London, England, Buckland is…

  • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

    The Alchemy of Canada

    Originally published January 2015

    by Haroon Siddiqui

    • 2015

    There are good reasons beyond simple patriotism to assert that Canada is the best nation in the world. As the only constitutionally multicultural state, Canada – unlike, say, the United States – recognizes group rights, dating back to the 1867 British North America Act, which codified three collectivities – the aboriginal peoples and the French…

  • ArtsEverywhere audience

    Reflections from Emerging Scholars

    • 2018

    Peter M. Flannery Groundedness Throughout my experience of the 2018 ArtsEverywhere Festival, a thread of groundedness, the importance of space and place, wove its way through each event. Various speakers, artists, and presenters emphasized that by consciously recognising where we live and where we come from, we are free to manifest more fulfilled versions of…

  • Acknowledging Space and Inviting Yourself In

    A Reflection from an Emerging Scholar

    by Jaida Regan

    • 2018

    When creating a piece of art, whether for yourself or for another, is it the idea which initiated the work that we call art? Or is art what we call the final product? For some it is neither. It is the movement between that is the art itself. Vanessa Andreotti, who holds a Canada Research…

  • Martin Luther King Jr.

    “What Else Our Society Could Become”

    Cultivating Resources for Hope Through Improvised Music

    by Ajay Heble

    • 2019

    1. In an interview marking the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s profoundly influential “I Have a Dream” speech, Clarence Jones, Dr. King’s speechwriter and attorney, remarked that the celebrated words “I have a dream” “were not written in the text that King prepared” (Bernstein). Instead, Dr. King went off script…

  • 400 years of inequality collage

    400 Years of Inequality

    by Michael Roberson

    • 2019

    400 Years of Inequality is a diverse coalition of organizations and individuals calling on everyone — families, friends, communities, institutions — to plan their own solemn observance of the anniversary of slavery in America, learn about their own stories and local places, and organize for a more just and equal future.  ArtsEverywhere invited Michael Roberson…

  • Radical tenderness is…

    A living manifesto

    by Dani d'Emilia and Daniel B. Chávez

    • 2018

    Radical tenderness is to be critical and loving, at the same time Radical tenderness is to understand how to use strength as a caress Radical tenderness is to know how to accompany one another, among friends and lovers, at different distances and speeds Radical tenderness is writing this text at the same time, from two…