• A Festival of Ideas
  • January to May 2022
  • Guelph

Accessibility: Online Events

For presenting our online events in January we will be using the Zoom Webinar platform. The webinar feature allows us to focus the presentation on the panelists and ASL interpreter, while still offering an opportunity for audience members to ask questions using the Q&A window.

Zoom Access Features

  • You can phone into a Zoom meeting or join with video. Phone numbers will be included in your confirmation email.
  • Live Transcription will be provided in real time for all sessions. All spoken content will be transcribed and appear during the presentation as subtitles, visible to all participants.
  • Zoom is accessible with a screen reader (see below).

Screen Readers

  • Chat messaging function is accessible to screen readers. However, we recommend that users turn off their screen reader voiceover during the presentations. If you have your screen reader on during a zoom presentation, the software will speak out every chat entry and override the presenter’s voice. The moderator will read aloud anything relevant posted in the chat.
  • Zoom supports Keyboard Shortcuts for easy navigation and is compatible with screen readers such as NVDA, JAWS, VoiceOver, and Android Talkback. In Zoom’s accessibility settings you can also choose which elements your screen reader will voice.
  • For more information, visit X University’s guide to Keyboard and screen reader accessibility in Zoom.

Read more about Zoom’s accessibility features at this link.

If you would like to make an accommodation request for any of our 2022 events, please fill our Accommodation Request Form at this link, or contact our Logistics Coordinator Sonia Preisler at logistics@artseverywhere.ca.